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Calva Lyte™ Electrolyte Supplement

Calva Lyte electrolyte calf supplement is designed specifically for large dairies and calf ranches in the Western and Southwestern U.S. seeking a cost-effective electrolyte supplement that supports calf health.

Feeding Calva Lyte Electrolyte Supplement Supports Calf Growth During Challenges

Calva Lyte electrolyte supplement is ideal for various situations, including:
  • At the first sign of calf scours
  • When the temperature reaches 80°F
  • If dairy calves appear dehydrated
  • Before transporting dairy calves
  • Other stressful events for dairy calves

Calva Lyte Electrolyte Supplement Is A Reliable Calf Electrolyte Supplement That Provides:

  • Palatable ingredients to support water intake
  • Readily available energy from dextrose
  • Sodium bicarbonate to help restore electrolyte acid/base balance
  • Ingredients that mix easily and stay in suspension
  • Easy-to-see blue coloring for quick identification in bottles

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