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Calva® Calf Strong™ Calf Supplement

A sick calf with an iron deficiency may experience a lack of appetite and lethargy, which could lead to anemia and result in poor growth. Feeding calves a highly palatable, iron-rich calf supplement supports a quick recovery and encourages milk and water intake.
Calva® Calf Strong is a non-medicated calf supplement that supplies iron to help support calves that may be iron deficient.

Feeding Calves Calva® Calf Strong Calf Supplement Provides Iron to Support Dairy Calf Growth

Conveniently add Calva® Calf Strong Calf Supplement to:
  • Milk replacer
  • Pasteurized milk
  • Fresh water

Calva® Calf Strong Calf Supplement Provides:

  • Iron to support normal production of red blood cells
  • Yeast for palatability, which optimizes milk or water consumption
  • Vitamins to support growth and development
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