Where Calves Come FirstTM

Calva® Calf Milk Replacer Products

Calva offers a full line of calf milk replacers for calf raisers looking for
both performance and cost efficiencies.
You can count on excellent mixing and a consistent product bag after bag.

Premium Calf Milk Replacers

We created our premium milk replacer products with calf performance in mind.  Formulated with higher protein levels, our premium offerings are designed to be fed at higher feeding rates than standard milk replacers.  We believe that our premium milk replacers offer a strong nutritional foundation for successful calf raising.
Current industry data suggests that calves receiving optimal nutrition during the first eight weeks of life possess stronger immunity, show better physical development, produce higher yields during initial lactation and can live longer, more productive lives.

Other Milk Replacers

We also offer more basic calf milk replacer lines that still use high quality ingredients but are lower in protein and do not include our research proven technologies.

Our basic milk replacers come at a lower price point and are designed for the cost conscious producer.