Calva® Hydralyst® Gelling Electrolyte Calf Supplement

You need a quick response for dehydration caused by calf scours to help maintain calf performance.
Calva® Hydralyst® gel electrolyte supplement is designed specifically for large dairies and calf ranches seeking a cost-effective electrolyte solution for dairy calves.

Feeding Calves Calva® Hydralyst® Electrolyte Supplement Supports Calf Growth During Challenges

Calva Hydralyst® electrolyte supplement is ideal for a variety of situations:

  • Calf scours or loose stool
  • Dehydration
  • Stressful events like transportation, weaning and corral moves
Calva® Hydralyst® Electrolyte Supplement Is A Reliable Calf Electrolyte Supplement That Provides:
  • Fibrous gelling agent to support proper stools
  • Readily available energy from dextrose
  • Palatable ingredients to support water intake
  • Vitamins and trace minerals to support growth

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