About Calva

To know Calva is to know quality.

For more than 50 years, we have developed and manufactured calf milk formulas and calf care products.

Our secret? A commitment to quality in every aspect of our business – from the people we employ, to our on-farm management support services and training sessions we offer to you and your team, to the product we produce for your calves.

Quality People

Quality People

Calva’s team has previous experience raising calves and managing large teams of employees. Our bilingual territory managers will draw upon this expertise to help you manage your calf raising operation.

Our  team understands the fundamentals of calf management and the importance of proper nutrition. We know what works to help your calves get the healthy start they require to help reach their fullest potential.

We remain a constant resource for optimizing your production goals. The Calva team is committed to the success of your operation and is a constant partner you can count on.

Quality People

Quality Services

Calva provides day-to-day on-farm management support to help ensure the success of your calf raising operation.

From colostrum and newborn calf care to evaluating calf health challenges, Calva works with you in your calf raising programs.

We offer training and assistance with calf nutrition, calf management, facility management and establishing standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Quality People

Quality Product

Calva offers a complete line of dry and liquid calf milk replacers as well as supplements and other calf care products to provide cost-effective and convenient calf nutrition programs.

High quality base ingredients, advanced technology and strict quality control in Calva’s manufacturing processes allow us to provide a consistent product for your calves.