Calva® Rysponza ® Electrolyte Supplement

Calva® Rysponza ® electrolyte supplement is an easy, effective way to maintain electrolyte balance and hydration for optimal performance in your dairy calves. This electrolyte supplement is formulated with premium ingredients and is easy-to-use, fast-acting and cost-effective.

Calva® Rysponza® Electrolyte Supplement Is A Must-Have For Your Calf Feeding Tool Kit:
  • At the first sign of calf scours
  • When the temperature reaches 80°F
  • If dairy calves appear dehydrated
  • Before transporting dairy calves
  • Other stressful events for dairy calves like pen or corral moves
Calva® Rysponza® Electrolyte Supplement Is A Reliable Calf Supplement That Provides:
  • Sodium bicarbonate to help restore electrolyte acid/base balance
  • Glycine, a critical amino acid for optimal electrolyte transport and absorption
  • Vitamin B complex to maintain milk and starter intake
  • Premium, palatable ingredients to support water intake
  • Readily available energy from dextrose
  • Excellent suspension technology for consistency in every drop
  • Recommended osmolality levels for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Easy-to-see orange coloring for quick identification in bottles

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